Barun Gurung

WOCAN Lead Trainer

As an anthropologist with training in ecological anthropology, Barun Gurung has worked extensively with ethnic communities in the Himalayan region of Northeast India, Bhutan, Nepal and the Yunnan province of China, studying their indigenous knowledge of subsistence crops and medicinal herbs. This resulted in the establishment of a network of local researchers and development professionals in the eastern Himalayan region working on biodiversity, ethnicity ad gender issues. As the coordinator of the Consultative Group on International Agriculture's (CGIAR) system wide program on Participatory Research and Gender Analysis, Dr. Gurung's research attention and focus has been on trying to better understand how learning and change can be affected for mainstreaming gender-sensitive participatory approaches within research institutions that work on agriculture and natural resource management. As part of the CGIAR initiative, he led a team of researchers and trainers to provide capacity development for organizational research and implementation of change strategies in selected CGIAR centers, eight National Agricultural Research Centers of East and Central Africa, and five agriculture and natural resource management organizations in the Eastern Himalayan Region and Laos. He works as one of the Core Associates for WOCAN and has recently led gender training workshops for the Rural Women's Leadership project in Nepal and the Philippines. Dr. Gurung holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Hawaii and speaks English, Urdu, Hindi, Nepali, Tibetan and Dzhongkha.