Meena Bilgi

WOCAN Core Associate (India)

Meena Bilgi is a gender, water and agriculture specialist with more than two decades of experience internationally, with a special focus on India. Meena has contributed to the design of many country-level programs for international donor funded projects including the WOCAN/IFAD Rural Women's Leadership Programme. As an active member of WOCAN, she represented WOCAN as part of women major group in preparatory meetings for the UN Commission for Sustainable Development's 16th, 17th and 18th Session. Meena presented at a side event for WOCAN at the 17th session on "Empowering Communities to Combat Water Scarcity and Droughts." She has also represented WOCAN at the FAO World Summit on Food Security in 2009, the UN High Level Task Force for the Global Food Security Crisis in 2010 and she is currently helping design country-level pilots for WOCAN's Rural Women's Leadership Project.