Our Theory of Change


The new Theory of Change of WOCAN describes our understanding that progress in women’s empowerment and gender equality requires changes at two levels: 


  1. Individual women and women’s groups at the community level that experience a change in their conditions and positions;
  2. Organizations that can have an influence and support women’s empowerment and gender equality through their policies, financial allocations and plans (creating enabling environments). 


WOCAN’s strategy to catalyze changes at these two levels is built upon experience and lessons learned from the past 10 years, and includes the following activities:

  • Women’s Leadership Circles in Agriculture and NRM;
  • Development and maintenance of the W+ Standard to measure and certify outcomes at the community level; 
  • Courses on leadership, gender integrated planning and related topics; 
  • Technical support for W+ applications; research and consultancies; 
  • Membership engagement;
  • Incubation of innovation.


These activities are expected to result in higher levels of funding for women’s organizations; increased numbers of organizations applying the W+ Standard; increased and more effective networks at various levels; more demand for technical support to organizations and companies; increased engagement with WOCAN members in projects and consultancy services; and higher visibility for innovations within WOCAN and its membership. 


This will contribute to the following outcomes for women and women’s groups to reach: increased access and control over resources, greater voice and decision making, and more effective relationships for knowledge sharing, leadership and the development of more gender-responsive policies, plans and budgets.