Gender Equality and Inclusion in Water Resource Management

This Action Piece outlines the key ingredients needed to support gender equality and inclusion in water resources management and sectoral water uses (including WASH), and provides recommendations on how to draw on these key ingredients. It is based on a literature review, interviews with 14 global experts, and a high-level workshop with 25 experts in the water management sector. Overall, 39 people were consulted from 25 leading organisations in water governance, water management, gender equality, and inclusion policy and practice. The aim of this Action Piece is to demystify how organisations can take initial and necessary steps towards increasing gender equality. It is also a call to action and confirms the commitment of the Global Water Partnership to promote and champion gender equality in water resources management. This Action Piece is supported by a Scoping Study which details the knowledge and experience drawn from the literature review and expert interview process.

Author: Melita Grant

Source: Global Water Partnership

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