A Toolkit for Gender Mainstreaming in Agribusiness Incubation

The toolkit is a result of widespread stakeholder consultation processes conducted by FARA and its partners, and aims to spearhead and advise on gender mainstreaming into business incubations processes under the UniBRAI program. It provides support to incubation programmes, incubator managers and incubates who wish to promote inclusive businesses, and motivates intended users by providing practical gender mainstreaming tools to use. The ideas, processes and tips in this toolkit can also be applied in other similar business incubation programmes and business strengthening undertakings. 

The toolkit will:
• Enhance stakeholders’ understanding of the incubation process, value chain and gender concepts.
• Raise awareness on the importance and benefits of integrating gender considerations into agribusiness incubation processes.
• Enable practitioners to mainstream gender into incubation processes. 

Although the toolkit recognizes that agribusiness incubation program employ a value chain development approach, its main focus is mainstreaming gender into the incubation process.

Source: Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa

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