Women’s Economic Empowerment and Agribusiness: Opportunities for the gender transformative agenda

The study identified three main external drivers of the more innovative and transformative gender agendas: the project context; the commitment from the donor to addressing gender issues in agribusiness and value chain development, underpinned by technical support; and accreditation for fair trade and decent work. The main internal drivers include: the presence of a gender strategy linked to budget allocations; skills within the project staff to deliver on gender equality; an understanding - and commitment - among the private sector partners and other service providers of the economic, as well as the social, benefits of WEE; a monitoring system which tracks the more nuanced dimensions of women’s empowerment; and an enabling environment which ensures that procedures, services, training and outreach are designed and delivered in a gender-sensitive manner.

Author: Clare Bishop

Source: The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development

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