Vision, Purpose & Guiding Principles

Our Vision

WOCAN's vision is of a world where gender equality has been achieved within agriculture and natural resource management organizations, policies, programs, markets and communities to achieved food security and sustainable development.

Our Purpose

WOCAN's purpose is to advance women’s empowerment and collective action to tackle climate change, poverty and food insecurity within enabling environments.

Our Guiding Principles

Environmental sustainability and poverty eradication requires organizations at all levels to fully recognize and support the roles and leadership potential of women as farmers, market actors, environmental managers, professionals, decision makers, and leaders to achieve an equal distribution of responsibilities, benefits, and decision making between women and men in the management of natural resources.

WOCAN aims to demonstrate five core Leadership Practices that it considers fundamental to women’s leadership development. These are:

  1. Model the way (find your voice, set the example)
  2. Inspire a shared vision (envision the future, enlist others)
  3. Challenge the process (search for opportunities, experiment and take risks)
  4. Enable others to act (foster collaboration, strengthen others)
  5. Encourage the heart (recognize contributions, celebrate values and victories.

It is by applying these principles in its work with individuals – both men and women – and with organizations around the world, ranging from local to international that WOCAN will:

  1. Work strategically and collaboratively, to support women professionals to assist their organizations become more gender sensitive.
  2. Provide capacity building through training and professional opportunities so women professionals in agriculture and natural resource management sectors become effective “change agents” for gender equality.
  3. Focus on networking, partnerships and alliance building, so women will be influence the policies and practices of organizations working at the policy, research, planning and implementation levels in agriculture and natural resource management.
  4. Creating visible fora for women’s voices to be heard within international agencies and global processes concerned with food security, natural resource management and climate change.
  5. Encourage the commitment and support of men so that the vision and mission of WOCAN can be achieved.
  6. Practice teamwork, open communication, trust, awareness, reflection, and a culture of mutual support.

Anti-corruption Program

The anti-corruption program is an integrated part of the overall governance system of WOCAN. Read more